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Thornbird collaborates with a network of specialist companies and individuals, using the extensive experience of its founder and his specialist knowledge in the field of finance and commerce, it is able to offer strategic advice and implementation techniques to enhance its clients wealth creation processes.


Thornbird is able to tailor its offering to deliver business development expertise in a wide range of business models and offerings. Strategy development and implementation and the use of knowledge management techniques have been tried and tested over the past two decades and Thornbird is able to tailor and apply this expertise cost effectively for its clients.

Business Meeting
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By leveraging off technology and Thornbird's long standing involvement in the field of knowledge management, Thornbird is able to provide innovative and cost effective solutions to our partners.


The power of knowledge management leads to incredible value for Thornrbird's Partners. Having first-hand knowledge and experience of its implementation is what makes Thornbird unique and a captivating asset to its partners.

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Thornbird has specialist knowledge in the field of finance and commerce, it has in depth knowledge of the gambling and leisure industry as well as the health care industry. It's founder has an excellent track record honed over 30 years of experience with Blue Chip Service companies. This has been built around one simple principle - Information is powerful, knowledge even more powerful, but shared and well managed knowledge combined with the Wisdom this leads to is infinitely more powerful. Thornbird is focused on developing a culture of knowledge sharing and management.


Thornbird has a tried and tested formula for developing business strategy and importantly the process of implementing strategies. "A good strategy is only as good as the team tasked with its implementation. Getting a team to work together for a common goal has immense rewards and forms the cornerstone of any successful strategic implementation. Using Knowledge Management as the chassis on which Thornbird's' strategic solutions are built, ensures a successful strategic implementation.

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