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Healthcare Sector

Change the face of Healthcare in South Africa and possibly the world by moving to a wellness financed system of healthcare away from Big Pharma driven sickness system.

In the late 90's Thornbird's founder completed his articles at Deloitte and Touche and joined SA Druggists. It was here that he learned first hand the perils of the "Perverse Incentive" a system of healthcare which incentivised healthcare providers to over use and over subscribe scarce healthcare resources. It was here that he together with the Chief Executive of Healthcare Management Services devised a system of healthcare that saw the partnering of the actual healthcare provider in the funding risk and in that way sharing the wellness dividend from the health of the members of the health system. An ingenious plan at the time was unceremoniously destroyed as a result of a hostile takeover. A truly sad end to what would otherwise have been a revolutionary change to the health care industry worldwide. I have provided a copy of this business plan that I helped craft for anyone interested to read.

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