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Business Strategy

Thornbird has experience in managing diverse strategic project implementations. Its blueprint is tried and tested and proven to be effective in different industries and jurisdictions

Currently Thornbird is focused on 7 different projects. They include expanding the Funkey Villas footprint in the Balkan region to ensure diversification and market strength. It is working on 3 projects in the agriculture and food processing space and its developing another project in the insurance and risk management space. It has opened a project in the health care space, which is a long held passion to shift the healthcare dollar from a sickness oriented industry to a wellness funded and aligned industry. In addition it is also focused on developing a niche gambling supplier company in the African market with links to key manufacturers in Nevada, USA.

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The founder of Thornbird has 21 years experience in the South African gambling and leisure industry. He understands the gaming & leisure market exceptionally well having been involved in the newly regulated gambling market from 2000 and the establishment of major casinos such as GrandWest casino in Cape Town and the Boardwalk casino in the Eastern Cape. He assisted in the bid preparation, the build phase as well as the operational execution of numerous casinos. He is able to provide expert advise to operators and developers on most aspects of gaming operations, with particular emphasis on strategy and execution. This represents a top down, big picture snapshot of the casino and limited payout machine market in South Africa.

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